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The BOE is entering the Russian market and further development of the international territory

Date:2017/8/2 11:17:12

In June 26th, the Russian subsidiary of BOE (BOE), operating at the Greenwood international trade centre in Moscow, began operations and made an important step in its international distribution.

Recently, BOE (BOE) to accelerate the expansion of international territory, has a marketing center and R & D base in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, service system covering Europe and the United States, Asia and other major world regions. At the same time, BOE (BOE) to actively expand the international business, develop new products and new technology cooperation with the world famous customers, the acquisition of Meta, the United States AR/VR technology company,the main vehicle display system Varitronix International, Israel noninvasive medical equipment company Cnoga, French retail Domain company SES-imagotag networking etc..

In addition to constantly leading TFT-LCD, AMOLED and the next generation of new display technology innovation and development, BOE (BOE) in intelligent systems and health services also provides innovative products and overall solutions. The wisdom of system for new retail industry segments, automotive, finance, education, arts, medical and other fields, to provide networking solutions;Combining health services with medicine and life science and technology, developing mobile health, digital hospital and regenerative medicine, integrating health park resources. "We are committed to providing users with better Internet of things technology, products and services, and work together to promote economic and industrial development in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States," he said.