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11 anniversary celebration of Simple Technology

Date:2021/5/14 14:21:16

In 2021, Simple Technology ushered in a grand 11th anniversary celebration. We have gone through 11 years of ups and downs.Eleven years is the time for a seedling to grow into a pillar of talent. Eleven years is also the journey of Simple Technology from a start-up to a pioneer.In the past 11 years, adhering to the original mission, with the joint efforts of all the staff, with the cooperation of partners, and with the support and trust of the vast number of users, Simple Technology has made great achievements.On May 10, Simple Technology held its 11th anniversary celebration in the company, the theme of which was "Time to laugh, the future can be expected". The anniversary celebration officially started.We are grateful to all our employees, and we will trace our company together to draw a magnificent blueprint for the new future.


Eleven years of pioneering work has condensed the hard work and sweat of Simple people; Eleven years of development recorded the struggle and joy of the Simple people; In the past 11 years, we have been brilliant because of our struggle. Next, we will continue to gather the power of our dreams and compose moving music.Thanks for your support and company, Simple Technology is firm and persistent in its progress. Once again, we are grateful for the company of Simple family. In the future, Simple Technology will not forget its original intention and forge ahead.


After eleven years of hard work, the years are like songs. With a vision for the future, Simple Technology sets sail again and starts a new journey.In 2021, as we firmly believe, with the right direction and fearless courage, all difficulties and setbacks will be defeated by the courage to forge ahead. Our journey is the prosperous future!